My Last Day In California

Hey Hannah, Zac, Garrett, Mommy, Daddy and Everyone!
I am leaving on a jet plane and will get to see you soon! I am so sad to say goodbye to Sophie, Mrs. Juli and Mr. Michael but I am very excited about seeing all of you again.
Mrs. Juli is helping me pack and she keeps telling me what a wonderful guest I have been and that they will miss me very much. Because Mrs. June is getting a package for Christmas, Mrs. Juli said that I could travel in a big box with Mrs. June's presents.
I cannot wait for you to see all of my souvenirs from my California adventure:
Here I am all packed up in the big box and Sophie didn't want to leave my side:
When Mrs. Juli picked up my box to go to the post office, Sophie wanted to give me one last kiss:

This was Sophie the rest of the afternoon:

Sophie sulked because she missed me.

Sophie kept looking for me to come back to her house:

Sophie loves me and is happy that I am going to be able to be with my family for Christmas; she just wishes we lived closer to each other so we could see each other more often.

Mrs. Juli said that I will be delivered to Mrs. June's office on Friday. I have had such a wonderful California adventure! Thank you for sending me to Mrs. Juli's house. I have so many memories and learned about so many things.

I cannot wait to see everyone!


Flat Stanley

Some Serious Christmas Bling!

Hey Hannah and Everyone!
I am so excited about Christmas!
Do you like my blinged out necklace?!

Sophie and I were playing in the tree while Mrs. Juli was trying to decorate.
Mrs. Juli has to keep all of the breakable ornaments high on the tree because Sophie keeps playing with everything.
Sophie was jealous because I got to wear one of the jingle bells.

Mrs. Juli was trying to pose Sophie, Mini-Me, Richie bear and me for some final pictures before I leave for South Carolina.
Sophie wouldn't cooperate when we wanted to take Christmas pictures.
We ended up getting some good pictures even though Sophie was being bad and wouldn't stay still long enough to pose with us. I would love to make this picture into my Christmas card:
This is my last day in California and I will be seeing you soon. We are having a good time decorating and Mrs. Juli is helping me pack.

I hope you are having a good week.


Flat Stanley


Sophie's Best Day Ever!

Hey Hannah, Zac, Garrett, Mommy, Daddy and Everyone!

This was our last day in Cambria and Sophie and I had so much fun. This is what the boardwalk looks like on the way down to the beach:
Sophie ran...
and ran...
and ran...
The beach is covered with gorgeous pebbles:
Here is a close-up picture of some of the stones. There is even REAL jade in there and Mrs. Juli let me grab a bunch of stones to take back to South Carolina. She says that we can pick out pretty stones or use them in fish bowls or jars. I can't wait for you to see the pebbles in person!
I love watching the sunset on the Pacific Ocean.
Sophie is so cute!
I think I am pretty cute too!
Here are some pictures of where we were staying in Cambria and Harmony. Can you believe that Harmony has a population of only EIGHTEEN?!!!
This is the hotel where we stayed in Cambria:
We were so tired after running on the beach:
This is my favorite sunset picture, isn't it neat that we caught the birds in the air like this:
I am so glad that Zac is doing better and I can't wait to see everyone!


Flat Stanley


River Taught Me How To Surf!

Hey Hannah, Zac, Garrett and Everyone!

Meet River! :
We saw River and his friends surfing in the ocean and then he took a break and I got to meet him. He was so nice and taught me how to surf! I told him that his name should be "Ocean" instead of "River" and he said that I could call him "Ocean" and he would call me "Grillz".

This might look like many birds or surfers but it is really kelp in the ocean. Mrs. Juli has been scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean and she said that it actually looks like a kelp forest in some places. Kelp is real important for all of the marine life. Some people call it seaweed. (Remember, you can always click on any picture to see the image better)
Here is a surfer amongst the kelp.

The Pacific Ocean is always cold. Surfers wear wetsuits throughout the entire year, even in the summer!

Here is River (or, Ocean as I like to call him) surfing with his friends:
Here is Sophie watching me surf amidst the washed up kelp:
Here I am on the beach:
This is a piece of kelp up close:
Here I am with River's surfboard:
We saw more seals playing on the beach:
Mrs. Juli's tennis shoes and I had to dry off on the hotel balcony:

I will always remember the day that I met River on the beach in Cambria:

I hope that everyone has a good week and Zac, we will be thinking about you on Thursday.


Flat Stanley


Elephant Seals

I got to see elephant seals on the beach!

This is a beach near the Hearst Castle that is very close to where we stayed in the town of Cambria:
The picture below just looks like a normal beach:
This looks like a normal beach until you get closer! There were hundreds and hundreds of elephant seals resting on the beach:
Here are two seals up close:

They splash sand on their backs while they are on the beach to keep cool:

This is only one of a very places that elephant seals come to rest. Scientists aren't sure how the elephant seals know this exact beach or what makes them choose certain places.

Elephant seals are amazing!


Flat Stanley